Dog Eats Owner's Leather Boots, Undergoes Surgery

Veterinarians say a dog is recovering from surgery in Philadelphia after the animal consumed a significant amount of calf-high leather boots.

The 4-year-old mixed breed named Vince ate parts of both boots on Friday, according to the Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Philadelphia.

Specialists noted that the volume of leather was so large that Vince’s stomach was unable to process the material into the small intestines. On Saturday, the dog underwent surgery to remove the pieces.

“These X-rays are absolutely remarkable, especially given that you can see and count the number of eyelets on the boots,” Dr. Laura Tseng, a specialist in critical care and emergency medicine, said. “The sheer volume of what he ate is impressive and caused a very serious emergency situation.”

Surgery or endoscopy is often needed if a dog eats something it shouldn’t, especially since the digestive tract can become obstructed and perforate the intestines. According to specialists, pets who are experiencing vomiting, lethargy or lack of appetite should be taken to a veterinarian immediately, since that could be a sign that a foreign object is present within the animal.

Vince was released from the hospital on Sunday.

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Sources: NY Daily News, DailyMail / Photo Credit: DailyMail, pets.wedmd.com


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