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Dog Goes Into Coma After Eating Entire Turkey (Photos)

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A gluttonous family pet got more than she bargained for when she snuck into the kitchen and ate the Christmas turkey.

Bubba, a 5-year-old female Chi Apso, is owned by David Barrett's family, from Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Like a scene from the iconic holiday movie, "A Christmas Story," on Christmas Eve, Bubba went into the kitchen, while no one was watching, and ate an entire turkey that had been left on the counter. Only a little meat was left when she finished.

"It was a turkey breast and mum cooked everything and sat it on the bottom tier of a two-tier table and put tin foil and a dish cloth over it," says Barrett. 

The pup may have gotten away with it had she not collapsed from overeating, according to Metro. 

"She just couldn’t move. It was pretty big, a whole turkey breast," explains Barrett.

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The Barretts found Bubba on the floor in a "food coma" and a single scrap of turkey breast on the counter, which Bubba left for the family of three to share. 

Thankfully, Bubba is OK and will not have any long-term health problems from the food.

The family did not go hungry, either, after an aunt gave them one of her two turkeys. 

The food may have been wasted, but not the opportunity to capture the scene on camera. Barrett quickly snapped a photo of Bubba and shared it on Twitter with the caption: "No chance has my dog just scranned the whole turkey for tomorrow. There’s the culprit she can’t move. She’s not moved since she scranned it."

The Sun reports David's tweet quickly went viral, receiving more than 10,000 retweets and over 24,000 likes. 

One Twitter user said, "She’s the same shape as the turkey, oh my god."

Another added, "Looks like she’s about to burst."

The Barretts say they will be putting Bubba on a special diet in the new year. 

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Sources: The SunMetro / Photo credit: Deadline News via Metro

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