Dog Earns MBA From American University of London

It takes a ton of work, time, energy and money to get an MBA. Well, scratch the money part. One dog only needed $7,300 to get this prestigious degree.

Wait, what?

BBC Newsnight heard about the American University of London's (AUOL) practice of awarding people with degrees based on their past experience. So the news program decided to test it by applying for an MBA for a dog named Pete.

A fake resume was submitted to the school, along with the application, listing 15 years of job experience. No background check was ever performed to make sure that resume was legitimate, and after paying the fee and being accepted, Pete the dog was awarded the degree 4 days later.

When questioned about its practices, AUOL maintained that what it does is legitimate, while acknowledging that it is not an accredited university.

According to MSN, the school is currently blacklisted in five U.S. states and you can actually get arrested in Texas if you try to use them as a qualification to get a job.

Still, AUOL defends what they do.

“We are not a bogus university ... and have always been upfront about our status,” AUOL told BBC Newsnight in a statement. “We have not applied for accreditation with any American, British or other official agency. Many graduates go on to higher education or hold important positions on the strength of our degrees."

Anyone looking to hire a dog?


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