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Giant Spider Dog Shocks Strangers In Hilarious Prank (Video)

A prankster thought it would be a good idea to dress a dog up as a giant spider, and the results are hilarious.

SA Wardega posted a video of the hilarious prank on YouTube, and in just a day, the clip has already garnered over three million views.

In the beginning of the clip, a man walks up to a door, opens it, and the dog dressed as a mutant spider runs out. The man, obviously startled and confused, quickly runs in the other direction.

In an equally satisfying and hilarious portion of the video, two women are shown walking up to an elevator, and as they wait for it to open, the footage cuts to show the dog spider on top of a “dead body” lying in the elevator. When the elevator door opens, the two women see the giant spider on top of the dead man and run away, screaming in horror.

This prank is genius and just as gratifying as you’d hope it would be. Take a look at the giant mutant dog spider as he terrorizes random people.

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