Dog Dies After Suffering Through 13 Hot Hours in Car While Owner Shopped at Walmart


A dog died after being left in its owner’s hot car while the owner spent 13 hours shopping.

Cassaundra C. Rasmussen, 49, had left the driver’s side window partially down when she parked in the Crestview Walmart parking lot last Thursday.

However, the minimal air flow the crack provided wasn’t enough to combat the rising temperatures.

Rasmussen reportedly spent approximately 13 hours inside the store; the dog, Waldo, sat in the car the entire time, without food or water.

As The Inquisitr reports, he died of symptoms “consistent with heat exhaustion.”

Lt. Andrew G. Schneider of the Crestview Police Department noted that another Walmart customer found Waldo in the car around 11 a.m.

The Crestview Police Department arrested Rasmussen and brought her to Okaloosa County Jail. She has been charged with one count of misdemeanor cruelty towards animals.

Rasmussen told police that she had forgotten Waldo was in her car.

Incidents such as these have spurred veterinarians to urge people not to keep their dogs – or other animals – in their cars. Vets have noted that dogs, with their fur coats, soak in heat much more quickly than humans do.

Sources: The Inquisitr, WKRN

Photo Sources: The Inquisitr, The Huffington Post


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