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Dog Dies After Brutal Stabbing (Photos)

Dog Dies After Brutal Stabbing (Photos) Promo Image

A pit bull that was beaten and stabbed before being stuffed in a suitcase has died while being treated for his injuries. (Warning: The photos below are graphic.)

The dog, known as Ollie, captured the hearts of Floridians and people around the world after his tragic story went public, reports the Palm Beach Post.

Ollie had been stabbed more than 50 times and was reportedly left in a suitcase to die before someone found him and called emergency services, reports WGHP. Doctors hoped Ollie would recover from his serious injuries.

The VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital, where Ollie was being treated, confirmed his death in an Oct. 13 Facebook post:

 All of the staff at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital are sad to confirm that Ollie the pit-bull, passed away last night at 8:30pm due to the trauma of his injuries. Our team of specialists, emergency doctors and staff worked for over an hour to keep Ollie with us. His body simply could not overcome the inflammation and damage to his organs caused by his horrific ordeal.

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"The outpouring of love we have seen over the last few days in support of Ollie is an affirmation of the true goodness in people," the post added. "Detectives are still investigating the crimes committed against Ollie in the hopes that the perpetrators of this grotesque brutality will come to justice."

Jan Milbyer's Grateful Paws Dog & Cat Rescue raised more than $40,000 for Ollie's ultimately unsuccessful treatment. Milbyer said she was heartbroken over the dog's passing, reports the Sun-Sentinel.

"I was crying when he was alive, so I'm even worse now," said Milbyer. "There were so many people offering to adopt him. But he died knowing he was surrounded by people who cared."

Veterinarian Nicole Patterson said a medical team performed CPR on Ollie for around an hour but could not resuscitate him.

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"It's definitely a big shock to everybody," said Patterson, reports WPLG.

"When he died, there were tears everywhere," said VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital spokeswoman Linda Ream. "It was silent in the building. Our doctors worked so hard to give Ollie that chance to stay with us."

Ollie's remains are expected to be cremated. Donations for the dog will go toward paying for his care, which cost more than $10,000.

Hollywood police continue to search for the person who hurt Ollie, who could face up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000 if convicted. Animal activism organization PETA is also offering up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Commenters online were touched by the dog's story, sending condolences and tributes to Ollie.

"Rip sweet Ollie," wrote one user on the VCA's Facebook page. "Thank you for making him feel loved and as comfortable as possible in his last moments. It is so much better than the painful lonely death he would have went through in that suitcase. I'm praying they find the monster that did this."

"Oliver's last memory of human hands is not of the monster who brutalized him but of those who offered tenderness, kindness, gentle care, respect and love," wrote another. "This was not the happy ending we all wished for so fervently but you made all the difference in the ending he received. Because of that he can rest sweetly, knowing how much he mattered. We are left to mourn."

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