Dog Deemed Unadoptable Due To Heart Condition Embraced By 7-Year-Old (Photos)


A Columbus, Ohio, pet rescue organization got an unexpected surprise when a 7-year-old girl stepped up to adopt a seriously ill dog that had previously been deemed unadoptable.

Jean, a pit bull mix, was rescued by PetPromise and scheduled for a surgery to get spayed. Right before the surgery was scheduled to begin, however, a doctor noticed that Jean had a heart murmur. Doctors later determined that almost all of Jean’s heart was deformed, with the condition being described as inoperable.

PetPromise posted from their Facebook page about the sick dog, saying that Jean could die from heart failure at virtually any moment. She was unable to get spayed due to her condition, and was therefore not eligible for adoption.

Soon after the Facebook post, the mother of 7-year-old Maya, who insisted that Jean was the perfect dog for her daughter, contacted PetPromise.

“Maya insists that we take her, and love her, and that she lives with us until she dies, so that she knows love before she dies,” Maya’s mother told the shelter. “Maya has lost 2 family pets in the past year, and understands what saying goodbye means. She knows that Jean won’t be here for very long.”

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“This little girl, this angel, wants to foster her, to play with her, give her kisses, and treats, and take her on walks, and let her bathe in the sun, and give her the LOVE she deserves, for whatever time she has left,” she continued. “That is selfless. That is love.”

Maya got her wish and was ultimately able to adopt Jean. She took her new, beloved pet home with her to join her other adopted dog, Oscar.

Jean is currently on heart medication and PetPromise is raising funds for the dog’s medical treatment.

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Sources: LiftBump, Facebook

Photo Credit: LiftBump


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