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Dog Called To Testify During French Murder Trial

In a bizarre attempt to identify a killer, French prosecutors recently called a nine-year-old Labrador named Tango to the witness stand to testify during a murder trial. Unfortunately for the court, the experiment failed miserably.

The judge asked the alleged murderer to threaten Tango, whose owner was supposedly killed by the suspect, with a bat so that they could gauge his reaction, and after they saw how he reacted to the threat, they brought in a second, random dog to compare reactions. That dog served as the experiment’s control group.

As creative as this experiment was, the test completely bombed, and the prosecution was no closer to proving the suspect’s guilt than they were before.

As strange as this may sound, France actually has a history of calling animals as witnesses during trials. In 2008, a dog named Scooby Doo helped bring a murderer to justice when he was called to the witness stand during a trial so the court could see how he reacted when near the suspect. The dog reportedly “barked furiously” when it saw the suspected murderer, and following the successful test, Judge Thomas Cassuto thanked him for his "exemplary behaviour and invaluable assistance.”

Unfortunately for the French legal system, their latest four-legged witness didn’t quite work out the way they had hoped.


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