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Dog Bought Off Craigslist Falls Seriously Ill Within Days

A dog named Cookie is fighting for her life in Escondido, California, only days after the family bought her.

Though the man did not want his last name used, Bruce told 10News he bought the dog from a breeder he found on Craigslist. He met the seller at a shopping mall to pick the dog up.

Although he noticed something was wrong with the boxer puppy, which he had bought as a companion for their older dog, he didn’t raise the issue. "She was kind of lethargic, so hindsight is 20/20."

Within two days of bringing her home, she began vomiting.

The family took Cookie to the vet and Dr. Shannon Henry says she is underweight, has a flea infestation and worms. "We do have puppies that are known to have come from Tijuana (Mexico) and come in with parvo," Henry said.

Though the family does not know if the dog came from Mexico, parvovirus is also common in the U.S. Though certain dog breeds have a higher risk of developing the disease, it can be prevented with vaccination, reports WebMD.

Cookie initially cost $150, but the family’s newest addition might end up being more expensive than anticipated. So far, Cookie’s vet bill is about $2,500.

Bruce has been unable to contact the seller.

Sources: 10News, WebMD

Image via 10News


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