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Dog Bites Off Man's Penis While He is Having Friendly Chat with Neighbor

A man named, Mr. Yang, who only identified himself by his surname, reported that he was having a friendly chat with a neighbor in Zhuhai, a city in China’s Guangdong province, when the man’s chained Mastiff suddenly lunged at him and bit him in the crotch, reports

“When he was sent in, his pants were wet by blood, and his penis was bitten off,’ said a doctor at the hospital where Mr. Yang was rushed.

 ‘Fortunately, Chief Surgeon Liao Guolong was able to reattach his penis the same day and he is expected to be able to return home soon.

Mr. Yang said he has called the police to report the incident; however, according to the Daily Mail, both the neighbor and his dog have disappeared.  

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail


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