Dog Requires Surgery After Eating Rubber Ducks


The owner of a dog in Oklahoma took his pet to the vet after noticing she seemed ill.

Jade is a young pup with a talent for balancing and playing fetch, according to KFOR.

“She was getting sick, couple days throwing up, then we started seeing it progressively getting worse,” Jade’s owner, Bailey Blagg, told KFOR. “So we took her to the vet.”

The vet examined Jade.

“We suspected with all puppies, we always do a parvo test, it came up negative,” Dr. Daina Iman said. “I said, let’s go ahead and do a scope.”

This produced unexpected results.

“They found rubber duckies in the stomach,” said Iman. “So then we had to get 'em out.”

But it wasn’t just one toy duck. Iman ended up finding three.

“Then when I opened the stomach it was a duck, then another duck, then another duck,” she said.

The only mystery that remains unsolved is what happened to half of one of the ducks, since only two-and-a-half were retrieved.

“Kind of a serious situation,” said Blagg. “But it was funny, everybody got a real big kick out of it.”

Jade is back home and well on her way to a full recovery.

Many pet owners will know that Jade’s behavior is far from unique.

“I have surgically removed a variety of objects, including rocks, socks, small rubber balls and coins,” vet Keith Farquhar wrote on SF Gate, sister-site of the San Francisco Chronicle, in response to a question from a reader about their dog eating toys. “The procedure is not without risk, though most dogs recover without complication if brought in quickly.”

Sources: KFOR, SF Gate / Photo credit: KFOR

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