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Dog to Be Euthanized Because Owner Says It Is "Gay"

A dog in Tennessee may be euthanized Thursday because his owner believes he is "gay."

The dog was seen "hunched over" another male dog, and the owner took that as a sign that the dog was homosexual. The owner then dropped him off at a shelter.

But dogs are often seen "hunched over" or "humping" other dogs, regardless of gender, because it is a way of showing dominance. 

The shelter, called Jackson Rabies Control in Jackson, Tennessee, said the dog will be euthanized by 1pm Thursday if he is not adopted as they have no room for him. 

According to the shelter, he is in kennel 10L and can be adopted for $38. They believe he is an American bulldog mix. 

Due to limited space, Jackson Rabies Control is often forced to euthanize many of its "owner surrenders."

Jackson Rabies Control, 146 Miller Ave., in Jackson TN.

Phone: 731-668-4211


Update: The dog has been saved. You guys rock.


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