Dog Attack: Owner of 4 Dogs Who Killed Girl, 14, Charged with Animal Cruelty


A woman whose four dogs killed a 14-year-old girl will be sentenced on Friday, October 18, for animal cruelty.

Jade Lomas-Anderson, 14, died from injuries during a savage dog attack by two Pit Bulls and two Bull Mastiffs belonging to Beverley Concannon. The fatal attack occurred in Concannon's home in Manchester, England, on March 26, 2013.

The powerful dogs turned on the youngster, who was on a mid-term vacation from school, while she was visiting a friend at Concannon's home in Chaucer Grove, Atherton near Wigan. Armed police officers fatally shot the dogs after the incident on March 26.

Concannon, 45, has admitted causing unnecessary suffering to bull mastiffs Buddy and Neo and Staffordshire bull terriers Ty and Sky between July 19 last year and March 25 this year, in that she subjected the animals to "an environment that was detrimental to their well-being" and she knew or ought to have reasonably known what she had done, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Prosecutors determined tha there was insufficient evidence to bring a charge of manslaughter by gross negligence against Concannon.

It also said it could not bring any charges under the Dangerous Dogs Act because the dogs were not banned breeds and were not out of control in a public place.

Jade's mother and stepfather visited Westminster in June to urge the British government to tighten the laws regarding dangerous dogs. They said the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Bill should be toughened "to prevent what we are going through from happening to other people".

Under the plans for England and Wales, announced in February, a dog owner could be prosecuted if they fail to stop their pet attacking someone on their own, or someone else's property.

The Bill was actually designed to protect people who visit houses as part of their job, such as postmen, utility workers and healthcare employees.

Concannon, who is released on bail, will appear at Wigan Magistrates' Court today for sentencing.

Sources: Belfast Telegraph, ITV


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