Dog Attack: 15 Dogs Savagely Maul Maria Arcos at Bus Stop in Houston, TX, Still In Critical Condition


A Pit Bull-mix is believed to be the leader of a pack of at least 15 dogs that attacked 52-year-old housekeeper, Maria Arcos, on her way to work on Monday morning. Maria is still fighting for her life in a Houston, Texas, hospital in critical condition. In addition to severe bite wounds from head to toe, the terrified woman suffered a heart attack brought on by the horrific and relentless attack, reports the Daily Mail.

Maria Arcos was on her way to start a new job on July 22, when she walked through an underpass near Lyons and Eastex Freeway in the Fifth Ward at about 6:00 a.m and was suddenly surrounded by the pack of dogs. She had walked to a nearby bus stop on her way to start a new job as a housekeeper.

The dogs, believed to be strays, wildly pulled her to the ground and began biting her arms and legs. Her stepson, Oscar Reyes, told KHOU 11, 'They were eating her - the dogs was eating her to the bone. They bit her arms, her legs, her neck. They covered her.”

Maria Arcos was so savagely mauled that she is still in critical condition in the hospital and her family fears she may not survive. “Supposedly in 48 hours, if she doesn’t get better, she’s not going to make it,” her stepson told reporters.

During the frenzied ripping of her flesh, Oscar claims his stepmother's clothes were completely torn off. She has severe wounds to most of her body, he said.

The person who saved Maria was a railroad worker who witnessed the savage attack and called for help.

Although she was still conscious when officers arrived, the stress of the mauling caused Maria to suffer a heart attack.

City of Houston animal control manager Chris Glaser told KHOU 11 News, 'Most of the time you won’t have them acting out in an aggressive manner like this.”

'It’s a pack mentality. That can happen when there’s an aggressive act by one and it continues. With that many dogs on her, she was being dragged up and down the street,' he said.

Officers were able to trace the dogs to their den underneath a nearby mortuary by following their foot prints

Glaser said one of the dogs, a Pit Bull mix, appears to be the leader of the pack. He believes at least ten dogs are still hiding underneath the mortuary. Animal control officers have trapped the dogs in, leaving only one exit, and are now trying to lure them into a single large kennel-type trap using food as bait.

So far they have captured five of the animals from underneath the mortuary, two of which are puppies and only about four months of age, Glaser said. Officers are visiting up to five times a day to check on the trap.

Glaser told KHOU 11 all of the dogs would be tested for rabies and then possibly destroyed.

Oscar Reyes says family members are keeping a constant vigil at his stepmother's hospital bedside, praying that she will live.


Source: KHOU, Daily Mail


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