Dog and Cat Fur Apparel Must Now be Labeled


About 10 years ago, we discovered that some ski boots were lined with dog fur and sold by a chain of sporting good stores.

Although legal across the United States, selling those boots in California violated a section of the Penal Code which makes it a misdemeanor to sell, buy, possess, give away or import a dog or cat pelt. Additionally, there was no label disclosing the type of fur used in the boot. 

We successfully prosecuted the stores.

A few years ago, we seized imported toys trimmed with dog and cat fur that were being sold at swap meets, also unlabeled, and again we prosecuted under the same section. Unfortunately, these vendors were allowed to sell these products in other states as there was no pelt law, and, because of the small amount of trim, they were not required to disclose on the labels that they were made of dog or cat fur.

President Obama just signed The Truth in Fur Labeling Act  which now requires a label to disclose what the fur is - even if the value is minor.

Therefore-it is now federal law to disclose -but still illegal to deal in dog and cat fur in California, even if properly labeled.

We asked - now they have to tell.


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