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Does Sherri Shepherd have an N-Word Double Standard?

Sherri Shepherd has double standards when it comes to the use of the n-word. During the Hot Topics segment of The View, Barbara Walters used the n-word during a report.

Co-host Sherri Shepherd took offense when Walters repeated the word after co-host Whoopi Goldberg used the same word.

The ladies were discussing a hunting camp leased and frequented by Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry and his father that once bore the offensive n-word in its name.

Goldberg introduced the topic and refused to censor her language while discussing the topic. Barbara Walters then said the word with Shepherd quick to say she was offended by the way Walters said the word, although she was okay with Goldberg’s use of it.

Shepherd claimed Walters said the word in a “different” way.

Shepherd finally acknowledged that race was the underlying issue:

‘When white people say it, it brings up feelings in me.’

What do you think about the incident? Was Shepherd wrong by being upset with Walters and not Whoopie?


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