Incredible Find Remains Untouched In Barn For Decades (Photos)

A rare find in a barn in Denmark could lead to some big bucks for the owner.  

In 1974, Armando Sgroi of Genoa, Italy, reportedly bought a VW Beetle to drive to church services on days when the hills near his home were too tough to walk.  

Sgroi was seemingly a bit tougher than even he anticipated, as he only drove the Beetle less than 56 miles over the course of four years. Since 1978, the car has sat parked in a barn in the exact same condition Sgori bought it in: same oil and tires supplied by the factory, with the odometer reading slightly less than 56, Fox News reports.

The car has recently been discovered and is now up for auction on Silverstone Auctions. 

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According to the site, the classic metallic blue coupe has been cleaned up but unmodified. The engine is 1300 cc and a spare tire sits under the flat of the trunk floor.  

Silverstone's website states that although the car was "originally designed as effective transport for the German masses, the Beetle emerged as an automotive success story after the Second World War, becoming popular throughout Europe, America, and the rest of the world."  

"The Disney Film 'The Love Bug' immortalized the car as an icon in the minds of many," the site noted.

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Indeed, this particular model is affectionately known as the 'Super Beetle,' here in the United States. 

Unfortunately, the car isn't for auction locally.  It will cross the auction block in Denmark, at the Classic Race Aarhus event on May 28, Fox News Reports. 

The car is expected to attract bids in the vicinity of $40,000, which is about double the price of a standard 1974 Beetle in top condition, as opposed to one that's been sitting in a veritable time capsule for 42 years.  

Sources: Fox News, Silverstone Auctions / Photo Credit: Silverstone Auctions via Fox News

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