Dodgers Catch Brother and Sister on Kiss Cam (Video)

At the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals game on Saturday, an unfortunate guy and gal got targeted – er, victimized – by the ‘Kiss Cam.’

The pair spotted themselves on the big screen and gaped at the camera, clearly embarrassed; the girl covered her eyes and looked down in shame. The guy actually took off running.

After making it halfway up the stairs, the guy turned around. Unfortunately, he was still on camera, and everyone could see him on the big screen. Rarely does anyone take such flight from their 15 seconds of fame. “Aw man,” he says about his on-screen take-off, “this is embarrassing.”

In a later interview with the couple, we find out that they’re not dating at all. The two are actually siblings. No wonder they weren’t down to smooch. Yuck!

Sources: Inquisitr, Huffington Post, MLB.com


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