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Documentary Reveals Gadhafi’s Secret Sex Slave Chambers, Where He Raped Boys And Girls

Two years after the capture and death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, a new BBC documentary reveals the secret sex rooms he kept in his palaces where he raped boy and girls as young as 14.

A new BBC4 documentary shows Gadhafi’s selected girls and boys for his harems, had them checked for STDs, and forced some to have abortions if they became pregnant. 

Gadhafi toured schools and invited young women to attend his speeches. He would pat those “selected on the head,” then they would be rounded up by his body guards.

“Some were only 14,” a Tripoli teacher told BBC. “They would simply take the girl they wanted. They had no conscience, no morals, not an iota of mercy even though she was a mere child.”

“The girls he wanted would be rounded up and sent to him,” the mother of one student said. “One just disappeared and they never found her again, despite her father and brothers searching for her. Another was found three months later, cut, raped and lying in the middle of a park. She had been left for dead.”

Some were so badly abused they were dumped at waste sites or in car parks to die.

Virgins were kidnapped from schools and universities and kept in sex dungeons hidden in one of his palaces or in a sex lair he had built within Tripoli University.

One woman was kidnapped and raped by Gadhafi for seven years, since the age of 15, after she presented him with a bouquet when he toured her school in Sirte.

She said three women in military uniforms arrived the next day, telling her parents she was needed to present more flowers. She was taken to the despot’s sex lair, given a blood test, shaved of all her pubic hair, and dressed in a G-string. She was forced into a gown and covered in makeup. They then threw her into a room with Gadhafi, who she says was lying on a bed stark naked.

“I will never forget that first time, that moment,” she says. “He violated my body and pierced my soul with a dagger. That blade will never come out.”

She escaped seven years later, when someone mistakenly left a door unlocked.

Teams of boys were also kidnapped for Gadhafi's "pleasure."

“He was terribly sexually deviant. Young boys and so on. He had his own boys. They used to be called the ‘services group.’ All of them were boys and bodyguards . . . a harem for his pleasure,” said Gadhafi’s former chief of protocol Nuri Al Mismari.

After his regime fell, bodies of his foes were found in freezers, where he reportedly went to look at them now and again.

Sources: New York Daily News, Daily Mail


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