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Documentary '40-Year-Old Virgins' Follows Virgins and their 'Sexual Surrogates'

A new documentary called "40-Year Old Virgins" is set to air on prime-time television in the UK and features a 45-year-old man losing his virginity to a 68-year-old '"sex surrogate."

The documentary follows Clive, a devout Christian, as he flies to America to meet Cheryl Cohen-Greene. 

Cohen-Greene is a sex therapist and surrogate sexual partner who inspired Oscar-nominated film The Sessions starring Helen Hunt.

When the documentary airs, people will see scenes of Cohen-Greene performing a sex act on Clive who has sex for the first time after spending a fortnight on radical sex therapy with Cohen-Greene.

It shows that the two form an "intense bond" as she helps him through his intimacy fears.

The documentary also follows 29-year-old Rosie, who wants to have marriage and children but is afraid of being touched by men.

Rosie thinks men "smell like a cross between aftershave and ham." She works with her surrogate partner, Gary, 55. Gary is an ex-professional tennis player who now works as a counselor.

Spokeswoman Vivienne Patterson for Mediawatch, which helps campaign family values in the media, said she is fearful that the program is teetering on the line of educational programming and voyeurism.

"I haven't seen it yet but I do understand there is a scene in there where he [Clive] goes to see a sex therapist and eventually you see him losing his virginity," she said.

She said it is excellent that there are educational programs for sex, but the problem is many people expect these programs to be entertaining.

"You get this very difficult cross-over," she said. 

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