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Doctors Were Not Aware Of How Sick This Man Was, Then They Pulled This From His Skin

When a man returned home from an enjoyable family trip to Belize, he was struck with fever-like symptoms. His doctors were stumped by what was causing the illness, until they discovered something shocking.

The man returned home from his trip to Belize and came down with a 102-degree fever. His symptoms didn't go away for several weeks and he began to worry. He had three spots on his arms that looked like infections. After multiple trips to the doctor, nobody was able to figure out what was wrong. 

One day, while speaking to a family friend who has a lot of experience in Central America, the friend was able to identify the source of the problem - the man had three botfly larvae under his skin. The spots on his arms were not infections at all.

The man went to the doctor to find out if his friend right and, sure enough, he was. The video below shows the botflies being removed from the young man's arms.

According to Newsiosity, botflies are parasites that can live in the flesh or the gut. The human botfly, Dermatobia hominid, is the only kind that regularly affects humans, however.

If you ever find that you have been infected by a botfly, immediately see a physician. A failed attempt of removing a botfly yourself can cause the larvae's body to rupture, releasing harmful toxins into your body which can cause anaphylactic shock, according to Your Nation News.


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