Doctors Send Away Woman With Chest Pains, Only Later Realize They Made A Mistake


A 31-year-old mother and dance teacher from England went to the doctor to complain about pains in her chest, back and left arm and was reportedly told not to worry about it – that they were likely just the result of the way she had been holding her 13-week-old baby.

Nadia Wearn was reportedly diagnosed with a muscular skeletal disorder and advised to take pain medication and go home and rest, reports the Shields Gazette.

But two hours later, the mother reportedly died at her home from cardiac arrest, reports the Mirror.

Wearn, whose baby, Ava, is now 3, reportedly died after her nurse mother Pauline Elleithy tried to revive her.

The High Court has determined that, had South Tyneside District Hospital taken Wearn’s claims seriously and carried out additional tests, she probably would have survived. South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust reportedly agreed that it was liable for the mother’s 2013 death.

“We are extremely sorry about Nadia Wearn's tragic death and would like to extend our deepest sympathies to her family on their sad loss,” said Steve Williamson, South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust’s chief operating officer.

An undisclosed settlement has been approved for Ava to ensure she is cared for until adulthood.

Sources: Shields Gazettethe Mirror/Photo Credit: the Mirror, WikiCommons


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