Doctors Pledge To Help Mauled 3-Year-Old Victoria Wilcher Amidst KFC Hoax

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Back in June, the Internet went crazy after a woman claimed that a local KFC restaurant denied her three-year-old granddaughter service because of the scarring on her face that was a result of a vicious pit bull attack. After more than $100,000 donations came in for the family, it was revealed that restaurant story seemed to be a hoax. Still, despite continued legal controversy for the family, three doctors have donated their services to give three-year-old Victoria Wilcher her face back.

Reports say that a Florida doctor made Wilcher a prosthetic eye, a local surgeon reconstructed her eyelid, and a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas has offered to perform a series of procedures that could take years to complete.

“We are extremely optimistic about Victoria's recovery,” said Las Vegas-based surgeon Dr. Frank Stile. “We continue to track her progress as her facial bones and scars continue to heal.”

The two other doctors, Dr. Raymond Peters of Naples, Florida, and Dr. Kyle Lewis of Jackson, Mississippi, have already donated their efforts to give her a prosthetic eye and reconstruct her eyelid, respectively. Peters says that even thought they are making progress, everything will likely take years to complete.

“Victoria is going to have to go through at least four to five years of surgery,” Peters said to Fox News.

Back when the controversy surrounding the KFC incident started, KFC pledged $30,000 to help Wilcher with her procedures, even as evidence started to emerge that her grandmother had made the story up. Instead of giving it to the family, however, KFC gave it to Dr. Stile’s foundation to handle, but he’s considering giving it back to the restaurant chain.

“I don’t need my reputation sullied by what someone else is doing,” said Stile, who is doing the surgeries pro bono. “I’m doing what I am doing independently.”

Wilcher’s grandfather and his girlfriend have been charged with child endangerment after his pit bulls attacked the young girl. Wilcher’s grandmother has been silent recently, despite the overwhelming evidence that she made up the story about their KFC incident that gained national attention.

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail


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