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Doctors Perform C-Section After Mom's Two-Day Labor, Can't Believe What They Find Inside Her

Doctors Perform C-Section After Mom's Two-Day Labor, Can't Believe What They Find Inside Her Promo Image

A mother's photo of her newborn baby's knotted umbilical cord is going viral after she live-blogged her difficult labor. (Warning: The photo below is graphic.)

According to Daily Mail, Rebecca Meldrum, 28, had a difficult pregnancy, which ended in her giving birth by cesarean section on Aug. 5 after a two-day failed induction.

The mother shared a photograph on her Instagram page showing the "true knot" in her umbilical cord following the birth of her daughter, who remains in treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital in Scotland.

Rebecca wrote a post along with the photo, in which she explained the emotional journey of her daughter's birth:

"If you're squeamish or eating your breakfast then look away now! This knot was in Poppy's cord, a True Knot which apparently is pretty uncommon 1 in 2,000 babies I think the midwife said. Just another thing to add to her story, it's going to be one heck of a pregnancy, labour & birth book!"

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So so many of you have been through the neonatal thing & I am blown away by just how many people have poorly/early babies. Before I had Poppy I'd known friends who had babies go into NICU & always thought it sounded hard but you know, they're in the best place so it's fine... I can honestly say I have never ever been through emotions like I have been through these last few days & I'm sure will continue to go through until we are all home together.

I've cried in a way I've never heard myself cry before, loud, ugly & almost primal need for my baby to be with me, I've stared into space for hours upon end wishing I was pregnant still, I've gone through every hospital appointment, scan & meeting from the last 6 months trying to work out how this could have ended up differently & I have sobbed to countless midwives about not knowing how I'm feeling, the guilt, the fear, the unexplainable emotions.

I don't think anything could ever prepare you for not being with your baby after labour & delivery, but today I feel like I've turned a corner. I'm sure it's the tonic of skin to skin with Poppy but I'm feeling more confident, more ready to face NICU & want to get involved in anyway I can with caring for my baby.

Thank you again to all of you that have messaged me. There are so so many stories to go through but the things that really help the most are those tips on what to do when I can't be holding her, different ways to interact and have contact with her, the types of touch Preemies like & the types of questions to ask in neonatal. Thank you all so so much!

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Meldrum was induced at 36 weeks as a medical emergency when doctors had concerns about her daughter's small size and stunted growth. However, the baby was born weighing just over 5 pounds.

The mother documented her journey on her blog, which was viewed by approximately 26,000 followers on ChannelMum. She said that she did so in an effort to help other mothers by sharing a story that was not "sugar coated."


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