Abused Girl's Wounds Resemble Major Car Crash Injuries

A parent reportedly beat her British toddler so badly her injuries resembled those of victims involved in major car crashes, a court heard March 3. The toddler died from the beating. 

Ayeeshia Jane Smith’s mother, 23-year-old Kathryn Smith, and her former partner, 22-year-old Matthew Rigby, reportedly stamped the 21-month-old child to death in May 2014, The Metro reports.

The girl’s mother was the one who called police the day of the attack.

“It’s my daughter, she’s had a seizure,” she said as the child loudly cried in the background. “She’s not breathing. She’s seizing. She’s on the floor. She has a seizure when she gets too hot.”

Meanwhile, her partner at the time, Rigby, performed CPR on the child.

“There’s nothing. She’s gone, she’s gone. You need to be here,” the mother next told officials.

The brutal attack caused the girl to go into cardiac arrest. Paramedics could not save the child and she died at home.

Officials later noted the heavily bruised child suffered 16 injuries, including three fractured ribs as a result of  “blunt force trauma” in addition to hemorrhaged lungs.

“I would expect these sorts of injuries to occur from severe trauma to the chest or torso similar to that of a victim of a road traffic collision or a fall from a height,” said Dr Alexander Kolar, reports The Independent. “She has been subjected to a very significant trauma to the rear of her body resulting in a fatal chest injury. It was non-accidental.”

Only days before the attack witnesses overheard the child screaming,  “Stop mommy, stop daddy!”

“The color of her bruises indicate that there had been at least 24 hours between injury and death,” added Kolar.

In addition, reports reveal social services had taken the child previously but had returned her to the mother six months before the girl died.

Prosecutor Christopher Hotten told the Daily Mail:

No child, certainly under the age of two, should suffer bruising at the hands of those who should be caring for her.  However, that is precisely what we say happened to Ayeeshia in the eight months or so these two people were jointly looking after her.  We say there was a consistent pattern of non-accidental bruising that must have happened when one or both were looking after Ayeeshia and about which both must have known.

Sources: The Metro, The Independent Daily Mai l / Photo credit: Newsteam via The Daily Mail

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