Doctors Easily Figure Out Cause Of Woman's Leg Pains (Photos)


A mother recently found herself in an incredible amount of pain when a venomous spider bit her while she was in bed.

Aideen Hynes, 34, was bitten on the calf by a false widow that had been inside her bed sheets.

The spider ran away before Hynes leaped out of her bed. She was sent to the Downe Hospital the next day as the venom spread throughout her leg.

WARNING: Graphic images.

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Doctors saw her leg had swelled up to twice its normal size, but got the swelling down with antihistamines and antibiotics.

Hynes, a former reptile shop worker, told reporters she “felt something crawling on my leg under the duvet and tried to brush it off.”

“It must have thought it was under attack because the next minute it bit me,” she said. “The pain was agonizing. My husband Darrin knew immediately from the puncture marks that it was a spider bite.”

She continued, “We turned the bedroom upside down but we couldn't find it anywhere. I didn't get a wink of sleep. I was having spasms where my leg would shake uncontrollably every five minutes.”

Doctors were initially concerned they would have to cut away the infected flesh before they were able stopped the venom from spreading. 

“My leg was completely swollen and it was scabbing over,” she said. “It was oozing with pus and I couldn’t walk. It was awful.”

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She continued, “I had to be given crutches. I thought I was going to lose my leg. It got so painful I was ready to chop off my own leg.”

Along with the help of the antibiotics, she is also visiting the doctor’s every day for three weeks so that her wounds can be cleaned and dressings changed.

Her husband was able to catch the spider and it was identified as a false widow.

“Darrin eventually caught the culprit and set him free on the field behind our house,” she said.

According to the Daily Mail, the false widow is one of the larger species of spider in the nation. They will only bite when provoked.

Source: Daily MailMetroAideen Hynes/Facebook / Photo credit: Aideen Hynes/Facebook


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