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Doctors Do Blood Test On Suicidal, Hospitalized 13-Year-Old, Immediately Call The Police

Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, arrested a 17-year-old accused of raping a 13-year-old girl who later tested positive for HIV.

The teen had a warrant issued for him for first-degree rape and indecent behavior with a juvenile. The warrant came after the alleged victim went to a hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana, because she began having suicidal thoughts. The boy turned himself in on Nov. 3, reports The Advocate.

After getting a blood test, the girl was found to be HIV positive, reports WVUE. She then told police the boy raped her while at her uncle’s home in Baton Rouge. 

According to the girl, the incident began when she was in a bedroom with some cousins and friends. As others began to leave, the victim tried to do the same.

The teen then allegedly grabbed her, pulled her into the room and shut the door. He picked her up, pushed her onto the bed, held down her arms and raped her.

The girl reportedly screamed several times but loud music outside prevented anyone from hearing her. The arrest warrant stated that the teen boy previously sent the girl an Instagram message attempting to get her phone number. 

The girl was hospitalized twice for suicidal thoughts following the incident.

Sources: WVUEThe Advocate / Photo credit: Flickr


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