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Vet Removes Enormous Bladder Stones From Dog (Photo)

Veterinarians at a clinic in Nashville, Tennessee, were shocked to discover baseball-sized bladder stones inside a dog they examined.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue -- a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for dogs in need -- related the story of Caramel, a dog that was delivered into the organization's care on Oct. 24.

"This is a bladder stone," the organization wrote, referring to an image at the bottom of the post. "This is one of two stones of this size that came out of Caramel the golden mix on [Oct. 24] who was the single most visibly miserable dog I have seen in a while."

"She was in so much pain and she just hated life," the post continues. "It is hard to imagine that this dog had two stones of this size in her bladder."

The rescue goes on to question why it took so long for the dog's owner to address the issue, given that Caramel was visibly suffering.

"And no, this did not happen overnight and no, I have no idea why the owner didn't notice/or fix the problem," it wrote, adding the rescue is giving the owner "the benefit of the doubt" because staff members are still upset about a previous case of neglect.

Caramel is currently at a clinic, recovering from surgery, and, it is implied, no longer has a home.

"She is still looking for a Nashville area foster," the post says.

Sources: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue / Photo credit: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue/Facebook

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