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Doctor Killed Saving Teens In Car Crash (Photos)

A Detroit doctor died a hero on April 5 after an out-of-control car struck her on the interstate while she was helping victims of an earlier crash.

Dr. Cynthia Ray, a pulmonologist at a Detroit hospital, was hospitalized along with two others, including high school junior Sean English, after a car hit them while they were helping six teenagers inside a Jeep that had rolled over onto the median on April 2, reports WDIV.

Ray was transported to the hospital for emergency neurosurgery after suffering a head wound.

"It would have been impossible for Cyndi to pass by the car that overturned because that's the kind of person she was," said Ray's friend and mentor, Dr. Mike Eichenhorn, according to WJBK. "She was always there to help others. At her bedside, she had visitors from all walks of life who she had helped through difficult situations. She embodied selflessness."

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English, a cross-country athlete, had his foot amputated.

"He's just an all-around great young man," Chris Charbeneau, English's school music director, told WDIV. "He's actually running for student senate. All I know is that his parents said this will be a very long road."

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Charbeneau said that English's lower body is seriously injured and will require multiple surgeries.

"I can't imagine how Sean will feel once he's aware what's going on," he added. "I was impressed with his parents, with how grateful they were that their son is still here."

Although police initially said that the 17-year-old driver who hit English and Ray might have been drinking, his family said he was sober and on his way to work when the crash happened. They said that the toxicology report showed he had no drugs or alcohol in his system, although it has not yet been released to the public.

"First and foremost, our family is asking for prayers for all the victims and their families who were involved in the horrific accident," said the family in a statement. "We would also like to thank those involved in the accident who went above and beyond their duties to save lives."

They said that the 17-year-old driver is in critical condition with two brain bleeds, a fractured vertebra and swelling in the brain.

"As you can imagine, this is devastating to all the victims and their families," said the statement. "Please keep them in your prayers and thoughts as we continue through this process."

The people stuck in the Jeep were able to escape and had no major injuries.

Sources: WDIV (2), WJBK / Photo credit: WDIV via Daily Mail, Provided via WJBK

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