Doctor Claims To Have Died And Visited Heaven


After almost drowning during a freak kayak accident, Wyoming woman Dr. Mary Neal claimed she visited Heaven after supposedly going without oxygen for 24 minutes.

Neal, a spinal surgeon, described herself as a “concrete thinker” and someone who isn’t “fanciful”, following her 1999 near-death experience. Neal went without oxygen for almost half an hour and sustained no brain damage. While unconscious, she claimed to have seen a warning about her son’s death and interacted with spirits.

Neal described seeing physical beings wearing robes who guided and protected her. She also recalled not wanting to leave Heaven, though the spirits allegedly told her she had to return to Earth. Just before she “returned”, the spirits told her that her 9-year-old son would die in the close future. In 2009, he was killed in a car accident at the age of 19.

Following the experience, Neal said she went through a spiritual journey looking for answers.

“I really needed to figure out what I had experienced. I have gone through the process of coming up with alternative explanations,” Neal said. “We always want to find an explanation that we can understand other than something that is divine.”

Despite her exploration, Neal has concluded that her experience was beyond science.

“I mean the beauty was incredibly intense,” Neal said. “There’s no other earthly equivalent.”

Neal admitted that Jesus, who was more of a feeling than a being, was probably guiding her through the near-death experience before rescue workers saved her.

Sources: Today, The Blaze / Photo Credit: Today


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