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Doctor Arrested After 36 Of His Patients Die

A Jonesboro, Georgia, psychiatrist is suspected of inappropriately prescribing medications to patients, of which at least 36 have died.

Dr. Narendra Nagareddy’s office was raided by nearly 40 agents from the DEA, the Clayton County District Attorney’s office, the Clayton County Police Department, and the Georgia Department of Community Supervision, before they moved on to his home, WSB-TV reports.

“He’s a psychiatrist in Jonesboro who has been over prescribing opiates and benzodiazepine and the last several years has had a multitude of overdoses and overdose deaths,” Clayton County Police Chief Mike Register told reporter Mark Winne.

Thirty-six patients died “while being prescribed controlled substances from Dr. Nagareddy, 12 of which have been confirmed by investigators through autopsy reports to have been the result of prescription drug intoxication,” legal documents state.

"Former and current patients have admitted to obtaining controlled substance prescriptions from Dr. Nagareddy without having a legitimate medical need," the documents said. 

Nagareddy did not answer Winne when he asked him as he was taken into custody whether he prescribed more than he was supposed to to patients.

“People come to this person for help, and instead of getting help, they’re met with deadly consequences,” Register said. “If the allegations are true, he is Dr. Death, no doubt about it.”

Reviews that are presumably for Dr. Nagareddy on popular doctor rating sites are colorful.

“This guy is nothing but a legal drug pusher…He has the tendency to prescribe the older psychotropic drugs which require weekly blood test…He seems to believe that prescribing MULTIPLE sedatives, several times per day is the answer for anxiety. He will trash you with DRUGS. It would be in your best interest to stay away from this QUACK,” a Vitals user posted.

“…If you want drugs, this is your guy, if you want help keep looking or you'll end up in rehab,” a review on Rate MDs says.

Nagareddy is charged with prescribing pain medication which is outside his profession as a psychiatrist and not for a legitimate purpose for the patient, according to WSB-TV. A RICO civil action has been filed by the district attorney’s office to seize his assets.

Sources: WSB-TV, Vitals, Rate MDs / Photo Source: WSB-TV

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