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Podiatrists Say Crocs Are Bad For Your Feet

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Crocs might be popular among many people but don't expect podiatrists to be wearing them.

"Unfortunately Crocs are not suitable for all-day use," Dr. Megan Leahy, a Chicago-based podiatrist with the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute, told HuffPost. Leahy added that the shoes "offer nice arch support" but that they shouldn't be worn for long periods of time because they "do not adequately secure the heel."

"When the heel is unstable, toes tend to grip which can lead to tendinitis, worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, corns and calluses," Leahy continued. "The same thing can happen with flip flops or any backless shoes as the heel is not secured.”

Dr. Alex Kor, the president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, told HuffPost that shoes should have good support for the shank, the supportive structure between the heel and the toe, which Crocs don't have.

“Patients are more likely to have foot pain if their shoes bend in the shank,” said Kor, pointing out that Crocs have a flexible shank area.

“In other words, on a daily basis, I see patients who come into my office complaining of arch or heel pain and they are wearing Crocs,” he said.

He added: “The only two types of patients that may benefit from wearing Crocs are patients that have a very high arch or those who suffer from excessive edema of their legs and ankle. But, under no circumstances can I suggest wearing Crocs 8 to 10 hours per day.”

Jamin V. Brahmbhatt, a surgeon at Orlando Health, told USA Today that many types of shoes serve a more aesthetic purpose, which can be bad for people's feet.

"The problem is that people forget about their feet," Brahmbhatt added. "They think about their heart, their liver, and kidneys, but people forget about the most important part of their body that they are on all day, which is their feet."

Sources: Huffington Post, USA Today / Photo Credit: Jan David Hanrath/Flickr

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