Ted Cruz Lookalike Appears On Maury


The internet is going crazy over a 21-year-old woman who could be Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas’ doppelganger after she appeared on Maury Povich’s reality TV talk show.

The lookalike, 21-year-old Searcy Hayes from Natchez, Mississippi, was featured on an April 18 episode of "Maury" titled, "5 Men Tested – Will I Find Out My Daughter’s Father Today?," according to US Magazine. She appeared on the episode with her boyfriend, who questioned their son's paternity.

Her image went viral after a photo from the talk show was posted on subreddit page supporting Donald Trump.

The top comment on the thread was: "'When it comes to 5-year old Shaniqua, Ted, you are NOT the father!' 'This is bullshit! I want a contested convention!'"

Even the official Maury Twitter account posted the photo of Hayes, Us Magazine notes.

"Ted Cruz in drag on Maury?" the caption read. "The Lie Detector Test determined that was a LIE! Ted’s NOT that SEXY!"

Twitter users also reacted to the Cruz lookalike frenzy. 

"Why this looks just like Ted Cruz in drag!" Twitter user Abdul wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

"Was Ted Cruz on the Maury Povich Show yesterday?" Julia Vitale quipped.

But Hayes reportedly had no idea who Cruz was or what Democrat and Republican meant until after she appeared on Maury.

"I had never heard of Ted Cruz," she told Maury in a short broadcast for the show's Facebook page. "The only word I have ever heard of was Donald Trump."

Nonetheless, Hayes maintained that she does not look like Cruz.

"The eyes are different," she said. "He has got a bigger nose than me. Nothing on there looks the same."

When asked by Povich if she could be related to the candidate, she said, "Not that I know of."

Cruz has made no comment about his doppelganger.

As for Hayes' child, a DNA test proved that her boyfriend is the father.

Sources: Us Magazine, RedditDaily Mail / Photo credit: Maury via Us Magazine

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