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DNA Test Proves Waiter Spit In Customer's Drink After Couple Complained About Undercooked Meal

Upstate New York couple Ken and Julie Yeardon discovered a nasty surprise from their waiter inside a soda cup they had taken to go after dining at a Chili's in Syracuse.

According to the Yeardons, an argument with their waiter, Gregory Lamica, 24, began when Julie received an undercooked meal.

"The broccoli was undercooked, almost raw, unlike I'd had there before," Julie told Inside Edition. "So I just asked if they could cook it a little bit more."

Though the request was simple, the Yeardons say the waiter became annoyed with them. When Ken asked Lamica if everything was OK, Lamica allegedly smiled and said that there was no problem.

After their meal, Ken paid the bill and ordered a soda to go. According to Ken, when he put the drink in the cup holder of his car, the lid popped off, revealing a revolting surprise inside the cup.

"I said to my wife, 'I can't believe this, but there's something in my cup, and it looks like it's spit,'" Ken said.

Inside the cup was a wad of spit, which Ken took a photo of for evidence.

"My stomach was turning, and I was shaking too because it was so disgusting," he said.

Ken then went back inside the restaurant and confronted Lamica, who denied spitting in his drink.

Disgusted by the giant loogie and convinced it was Lamica who spat in his drink, Ken went to the police.

The New York State Police took Ken's claim seriously and considered the matter a potential criminal act. They then interviewed Lamica, who once again denied spitting in the soda.

In an unprecedented move, the state police asked Lamica to submit to a DNA test.

Three months later, the state crime lab results came back in, revealing that the DNA from the drink matched Lamica's.

Although he was not fired, Lamica no longer works at Chili's. He continued working there for at least three months after spitting in the Yeardons' drink.

He has since pled guilty to disorderly conduct and been fined $125.

Sources: Inside Edition via Yahoo, / Photo credit: Screenshot via Inside Edition


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