DNA Exonerates Dog On Death Row

A woman in South Grafton, Australia, was attacked by a dog in April and identified the dog in a police lineup, which sent the pooch straight to death row.

Luckily, DNA testing exonerated the dog, according to Des Schroder of the Clarence Valley Council. "Absolutely because we take attacks really seriously and quite often one of the outcomes for that dog is if they are attacking people they are put down," he said."Obviously it's very important to get the right animal.It hasn't been used in the past, because DNA sampling was very expensive, but it's come way down in price and it (has now) become feasible to use.”

Dog DNA testing kits are now available to consumers for less than $100. Though it may not get your furry friend out of the dog house, it can provide interesting insights into your dog’s background.

"Especially when we've got some confusion about which dog did do the attack, and it turned out one of the dogs which was highly suspected wasn't the animal and that's obviously got implications for the people that own that animal.”

The culprit in the attack was a dark-colored great Dane mix, although the dog has not been found.

Sources: ABC, WN

Image: Long Quan Pham Tuong/Flickr


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