DNA Confirms Girl In Mexico Is Missing Daughter Of Texas Woman

DNA testing has confirmed that a girl in Mexico is the daughter of a Houston, Texas, mother who has been searching for her missing child for eight years.

Alondra Díaz, 13, was reunited with her mother, Dorotea Garcia, on Tuesday in Michoacán, Mexico, but DNA testing was performed to verify Díaz was, in fact, Garcia’s child because of a previous error where the wrong girl was said to be Garcia’s daughter by a judge, reports NBC News.

Garcia claims her husband took Díaz to Mexico in 2007 without her consent. She has been searching for her ever since.

According to the DNA test, Díaz is, in fact, Garcia’s daughter.

“The results came back late last night and proved she was the real daughter of Dorotea Garcia,” Michoacán state prosecutor's office spokesperson Magdalena Guzman told ABC News.

"My daughter doesn't let me go, she doesn't get tired of kissing me," Garcia said.

Garcia said her daughter has asked her to not press charges against her ex-husband, Reynaldo Díaz, and she will honor her request.

"There are many birthdays not celebrated, there is a lot of time to make up," Garcia said.

Sources: ABC News, NBC News

Photo Source: NBC News


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