'Django Unchained' Actress Who Says Cops Unfairly Handcuffed Her Was Allegedly Having Sex in Public (Video)


The nation empathized with ‘Django Unchained’ actress Daniele Watts this weekend when it was revealed that police reportedly handcuffed and detained her when she says they saw her kissing her white husband. At the time, Watts claimed police officers assumed she was a prostitute, reported Opposing Views.

But a police audio recording obtained by TMZ tells a different story: they say the star was actually having sex with her husband in her car and that’s why she was taken to the police station.

Watts reportedly left CBS studios in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon and says all she was doing was kissing Brian Lucas in her car when cops accused her of being a hooker and cut her wrist while handcuffing her. She says she refused to produce an ID when she was asked for one because she hadn’t done anything wrong.

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The actress was also vocal about the incident and posted a long message on her Facebook, along with photos, in which she stated: “no police officer or government official is more powerful than me. We are equals. I know that I will always be free because that is the nature of my spirit.”

At first, the LAPD refused to comment about the incident. They recently claimed that, although no arrest was made, two officers were called to the scene because of reports of indecent exposure. The police audio reveals that Watts and Lucas were allegedly having sex with the car door open.

But Lucas defended his wife on his Facebook, saying she had no obligation to show her ID and that, judging by the questions the officers were asking, they seemed to be making false assumptions that his wife was a prostitute and he was her client.

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“So they handcuffed her and threw her roughly into the back of the cop car until they could figure out who she was,” Lucas wrote. “In the process of handcuffing her, they cut her wrist, which was truly NOT COOL!!!”

Watts has not responded to claims that she and her husband were having sex in public when police approached her.

Sources: Opposing Views, TMZ

Photo Credit: Facebook


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