Diver Films Bizarre 'Godzilla' Iguana (Video)


A diver captured amazing footage of a massive "Godzilla" iguana, which quickly went viral (video below).

In the stunning clip, the giant, marine iguana can be seen on the prowl, searching for food and swimming throughout the Pacific ocean. 

The creature swims in a human-like manner, roaming the area for food as divers are seen in the background. The footage was captured by videographer and diver Steve Winkworth, who posted the clip to YouTube in October 2015.

The iguana was captured on video at Cabo Marshall, a dive site in the Galapagos Island. 

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Despite being uploaded in 2015, the video recently went viral after being shared on Reddit on April 10, and Winkworth's YouTube video has since been viewed over 630,000 times as of April 12.

Several Redditors expressed their amazement at the clear, cinematic footage — with one even calling it their "favorite video ever."

Other viewers shared information on the fascinating, rare marine iguana. 

"Marine Iguanas usually dive only a few minutes long, but there are records of marine iguanas being submerged for more than half an hour,” one Redditor commented.

Another Redditor recalled seeing one on their school campus.

"We had these on our university campus in South Florida," user Khubbar2 wrote. "One of the coldest couple weeks I've felt in my life in Florida happened during my first semester. These things froze sleeping in trees and starting falling out and hitting students. I swear.

“I took alternative routes to class because I honestly was afraid one of their spikes would get stuck in my skull or something on the way to class.”

Watch the remarkable footage of the marine iguana below.

Sources: Steve Winkworth/YouTube, Reddit / Photo credit: Steve Winkworth/YouTube via Daily Mail

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