Diver Goes One-On-One With Great White Shark, Wins (Video)

A man who went diving off the coast of Florida escaped a terrifying encounter with a great white shark using only a spear gun for defense.

Jimmy Roseman was diving 90 feet deep near West Melbourne when he first noticed the shark. He was able to capture the experience through his GoPro camera, which was attached to his helmet.

The shark can first be seen at a distance and appears merely as an outline. However, over the course of only minutes the shark moves closer.

“The whole time it was about six to seven feet away from me,” Roseman said.

At one point, the 12-foot-long shark swims so close to Roseman that its fin hits his air tank.

Roseman used the spear gun to push the shark away, but never shot or injured the shark. Both he and the shark were left unharmed.

Sources: Sploid, DailyMail


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