Camouflaged Octopus Reveals Itself In Stunning Footage (Video)


A diver in the Caribbean captured remarkable video of the moment an octopus revealed itself after camouflaging against a coral reef.

Diver Jonathan Gordon said he began to approach what looked to be an area completely comprised of coral reef. As Gordon got closer, the octopus started deactivating its “cloaking mechanism” to reveal itself.

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“I dove down to have a look at the shell that you can see just under where the octopus appears and as I approached the octopus came out of hiding,” Gordon said. “I had literally no idea he was there until I was about a metre [sic] away.”

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Octopuses possess the ability to camouflage themselves thanks to chromatophores, color-changing cells that allow the fascinating creatures to match the color and texture of their surroundings. If an octopus is discovered, it can “puff” itself up to appear more intimidating to predators.

Watch the incredible video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Jukin via


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