Sea Turtle Thanks A Diver In The Cutest Way After Being Rescued (Video)


A new viral video shows a diver coming to the rescue of a sea turtle in distress, and the sea turtle’s reaction to being saved is truly amazing.

Diving partners Colin Sutton and Cameron Dietrich were doing some spearfishing off the coast of Mexico when they suddenly saw a big sea turtle tangled in a fishing line. Without wasting any time, Dietrich dove into the water and worked to free the turtle.

Dietrich quickly grabbed the sea turtle and untangled the fishing line. The turtle was then able to swim away, but not before doing something amazing. Unexpectedly, just as the sea turtle was swimming away, it circled back around to Dietrich and hovered over top of him, as if to thank him for the rescue.

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David Godfrey, executive director of The Sea Turtle Conservancy, told the Huffington Post that Dietrich’s swift rescue “was absolutely the right thing to do, absolutely the best thing that could happen in that situation.”

The now viral video has many people praising the diver for helping the tangled sea turtle.

“I surely hope enough circulation will return to that flipper so he can use it again--what a lovely experience!” one online user commented. “The guy has a fantastic job if he has many opportunities like that one to do good.”

Check out Cameron Dietrich’s amazing sea turtle rescue in the clip below!

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