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Disturbing Video: California Police Shoot and Kill Man

Police in Southern California shot and killed a man in a fast food parking lot -- an incident that was captured on video.

A man identified as 22-year-old Steve Rodriguez was smashing the windows of a Carl's Jr. restaurant in Monterey Park Monday morning with a three-foot long metal bar, reports the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

When police arrived they attempted to subdue him with a Taser. One of the Taser darts hit him in the face, but he just swatted it off. He then swung the bar at an officer. That's when the cop opened fire, hitting Rodriguez several times.

Somehow he remained on his feet, so another officer emptied his revolver. In all 10 shots were fired. Rodriguez was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later. It is not clear what motivated Rodriguez to do any of this.

The video was shot by a teenager who was in a car outside of the restaurant. He started shooting when he saw the man breaking windows.

Here is the video, but be advised -- it is quite disturbing:


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