Baby Dies After Ingesting Xanax, Babysitter Charged


Officials charged an Ohio babysitter on April 21 with murdering an 18-month-old baby who died after ingesting anti-anxiety medication, Xanax.

Summer Shalodi, 30, reportedly was babysitting Nadia Gibbons before the child died on Dec. 13, 2015 from consuming the drugs and enduring a head trauma, The Associated Press reports.

Shalodi called 911 in the evening after the baby began making “gurgling” noises and became still, The Chronicle-Telegram reports.

When officials arrived, they found the baby already dead, lying on the floor next to the bed, cold to the touch. They estimated the child must have been dead for hours.

“We believe that Ms. Shalodi caused the juvenile to ingest a controlled substance,” Assistant County Prosecutor Dave Muhek said.

While Muhek did not comment on why Shalodi would feed the child medication or hurt her, he explained there had been signs of neglect from the babysitter.

“She left the child unattended for a significant period of time,” he said, adding that the child was perfectly fine when her mother dropped off only a few hours before police arrived.

Shalodi now faces charges of involuntary manslaughter, endangering children, corrupting another with drugs and tampering with evidence in the death of the child.

She is currently free on $50,000 bail.

It’s not the first time a babysitter has been arrested for feeding a child Xanax, the Daily Mail reports.

On Dec. 31, 2012, North Carolina babysitter Olivia Rahne Smith -- who was 17 years old at the time -- slipped a family member’s Xanax into a 4-year-old girl’s lunch so the child would calm down and take a nap.

The child grew dizzy, fell over many times and finally hit her head before Smith text messaged the child’s mother that something was wrong.

When she rushed back home, she found her daughter in  “a state of potential unconsciousness.”

While the girl recovered once she got medical attention, doctors found Xanax in the child’s blood.

The teenager was charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

Sources: AP via WAGAThe Chronicle-Telegram, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Lorain Police Department via WAGA

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