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Disturbing Text Messages Surround Disappearance Of Mississippi Woman

Disturbing text messages have come to light in the case of a missing young mother of three in Copiah County, Mississippi.

Danielle Webster, 27, was last seen at her home outside of Wesson, Mississippi, reported WDAM.

Webster disappeared without a trace on the morning of Sept. 4. She left behind three young children.

A close friend of hers, Christy Thedford reported a text she says she received from Webster's ex-boyfriend. The text read: “You know my Grandpa told me if you love something, set it free and if it don’t come back hunt it down and kill it.”

That text was reportedly from Michael Herring, reports Inquisitr. Herring, one of Webster's former boyfriends, goes by multiple aliases, including Mike Jones on Facebook, while his friends call him “Cheese Dip.” Investigators and police are looking for Herring for questioning as he is a person of interest in the case.

Webster’s fiance, Brad Cline, said Webster was afraid of Herring and felt threatened by him. 

"I was at the house and she was gone when I went to work," Cline said. "I got a call to come home and she was missing and all her clothes, purse and cigarettes were still there."

When asked if Herring threatened to kill Webster, Cline said, “According to the messages on the phones that people told, yes, ma'am.”

Authorities say there were possible signs of struggle inside the home where Webster was last seen, but they could not confirm if there was an altercation. Webster is about a foot shorter and 85 pounds lighter than Herring.

Herring reportedly travels between Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi for his job. He is 6 feet 3 inches, weighs around 200 pounds and has brownish-gray hair. Detectives say he could be driving a four-door or extended cab truck with an extra wheel on the back. They say the color may be light gold or beige. The vehicle is a GMC that may have the license plate number of LP7-203.

Sources: WDAM, Inquisitr / Photo credit: Marsha Thompson/Twitter


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