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Did A Crazed Fan Send Taylor Swift A Billboard Message? (Photo)

A Nashville billboard asking music star Taylor Swift on a date may have been bought by a man previously arrested for saying Swift is "Satan."

The billboard was put up near Nissan Stadium and asked Swift on a date, saying that she should "do it for the cats," according to WTVF.

"Dear Taylor Swift, Will you go on a Date with me? Love, Joey Jackson - Harrisville West P.S. Do it for the cats!" the sign reads.

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It costs around $900 a day to place an ad in that spot. Nashville residents aren't  sure if the sign is actually from a fan or part of a larger publicity stunt. 

Radio station WRVW followed the sign's directions and attempted to find "Joey Jackson" on Facebook. A cursory search didn't yield any results. 

"Is this a stalker? Is this some kind  of stunt to get her to do something for an animal charity? Is this an idiotic radio stunt?" the station asked.

Shortly after the story was published, a fan sent the station a tip, alerting it to a 38-year-old man named Joseph Jackson who was arrested in 2013 for threatening Swift at a concert.

Jackson was arrested during a Swift concert for holding signs reading "I luv you" and "Taylor Swift is with Satan," reports KDKA-TV

Jackson also reportedly made repeated threats toward the star over Facebook. He told arresting officers that "Taylor Swift is Satan and that 6,000 years is six days and death comes on the sixth day, so Taylor Swift is in danger."

Police found that Jackson was unarmed and he was subsequently taken to a local jail to undergo mental evaluation.

"Certain actions you take on the internet are illegal by definition," said attorney David Shrager, who was not connected to this case. "Certain statements can be used against you in a courtroom."

Sources close to Swift say that the singer's security team is overly cautious about any possible threats and they were the ones to initially pass along the information about Jackson to police.

It's not confirmed whether Jackson has any connection to the Nashville billboard.

People magazine reports that Swift has been avoiding the spotlight for the past few months, but recently made headlines when it was revealed that she has been secretly dating 26-year-old British actor Joe Alwyn. Swift rented a house in North London while spending time with Alwyn and would wear disguises when going out with him.

Sources: WTVF, WRVW, KDKA-TV, People / Photo credit: Paolo Villanueva/Flickr, WRVW

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