Mixed-Race Family Receives Hateful, Racist Letter (Photos)


Seattle police are investigating after a mixed-race family received a disturbing, racist letter.

Police say they are investigating the letter sent to a West Seattle family as a hate crime. 

The letter, which mother Stephanie Endres found on her front porch, criticizes the family and the Black Lives Matter movement, while also voicing support for Donald Trump.

It is filled with obscenities and racial slurs, and threatens the mother and her children, saying they willl "get what they deserve," KCPQ reports.

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"When you have two beautiful mixed-race babies and you find this on your front porch, I am just thankful they can't read yet," Endres wrote in a Facebook post, according to KOMO. "This hate has got to stop. The coward who left this couldn't even do it while we were home. Truly makes me uncomfortable to know people like this are in my neighborhood/community."

The author of the letter condemns the Black Lives Matter movement, while adding, "white lives matter." The letter concludes, "GO TRUMP!!"

Endres says she was taken aback by the letter, as nobody had ever criticized her two 4-year-old children for being mixed.

"It was really out of nowhere," she added.

"It's cruel, it's criminal and it absolutely needs to be stopped right now," neighbor Steve Fredrickson told KOMO. 

Endres said she received several racially-charged voicemails and phone calls after receiving the letter. She fears that somebody she knows may be responsible.

"I feel like this is someone that I know, someone who has my personal cell phone number and is brave enough to call," the mother said.

Endres says she plans to install security cameras outside of her home in an attempt to catch the person responsible for the hateful messages if it happens again.

"Feels like a personal threat to just my own personal kids so it makes it even worse," she said, according to KCPQ.

Police have categorized the incident as malicious harassment, which is a felony charge in Washington.

Sources: KCPQKOMO / Photo Credit: KCPQ

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