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Disturbing Pics Of Teen Girl Show Extent Of Injuries Caused By Boyfriend (Photos)

Shocking pictures show the brutal injuries an 18-year-old suffered when her jealous boyfriend sank his teeth into her flesh.

18-year-old Chanttelle Ward was in a relationship with 23-year-old Rhys Culley for over two years when he violently attacked her in a fit of insecurity and rage. During his court trial, Culley claimed that he didn’t mean to hurt his former girlfriend when he bit into her lip, causing the horrific injuries shown in pictures, but a jury ultimately decided otherwise.

“I tried to pull my thumb out of her mouth and I did bite her lip, because I thought it was the only way I could get her off. I was in so much pain,” Culley said to the court during the proceedings. “I didn’t intentionally mean to bite her. I was trying to pull my thumb out of her mouth. I loved her more than anything else in the world. I thought she loved me exactly the same way. I was lucky to have a girlfriend as beautiful as her.”

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Here's a picture before the attack:

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Still, after biting Ward’s lip, Culley allegedly “rubbed his face in hers, smearing the blood across her face and then he stuck his tongue into her mouth.”

“When the police arrived they saw that they both had blood on them and over their faces,” said prosecutor Emma Dowling.

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Despite his claims that the horrific bite was not intended to cause harm, the jury sided with Ward and found Culley guilty. He will be sentenced next month while he remains in jail.

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