Disturbing Photos: Pit Bull Tears Off Woman's Nose


A woman who was left horrifically disfigured after being mauled by a neighbor’s Pit Bull has claimed she is being shunned by her own community because of her looks. Marie-Helene Tokar, 48, is suing the dog’s owner for $1.4 million in damages to pay for her medical treatment, stating “She needs to pay, because I have suffered.”

Ms Tokar said she always covers her face with a scarf and rarely leaves her home because of the strange stares she gets from members of the public. The bulbous nose, about the size of a small orange, is in place while surgeons prepare to build her a new one.

Marie-Helene’s nose and upper lip were ripped off in an attack by a neighbor’s Pit Bull in 2008. She spent the next eight months in the hospital during reconstructive surgeries. “It's been three years now and I'm not finished with the operations,” she says. It has taken a tremendous mental and emotional toll states the mother of five. 'People look at me as if I were a monster.'

Tokar, of Saint-Hippolyte, Canada, claims that, among other slights, she was banned from a restaurant for fear of upsetting other customers. She told the Daily Mail the owner said that her misshaped nose and facial injuries" frighten children" and she was asked not to attend a Christmas party in December 2011 for people in her small Canadian town just north of Montreal.

Chantal Guindon, the owner of the Restaurant des Nations, admits that she asked Tokar to stay away from the Christmas Eve celebration.  'She asked me to cover my face and I said, "that's okay" and after she called me back and said, "no, it's not a good idea",' said Ms Tokar.

Ms Guindon told Canadian TV she has asked Tokar to cover her nose several times and she has not complied.  She said Ms Tokar always sits by the door, so people see her as soon as they come in.   The restaurant owner also said she uninvited Ms Tokar to the Christmas party because of her behavior, not her appearance, claiming she has fought with her son in the restaurant and annoys other customers, according to the Daily Mail.

The Pit Bull attack occurred when Tokar fostered the runt of a litter from her neighbor's Pit Bull, she says. When she returned the puppy, the adult dog leapt at her face. At the time of the attack ownership of pit bulls was banned in St Hippolyte.

In discussing the lawsuit against her former neighbor for $1.4 million, she states, “…they have to do something because I have no more money. I have nothing any more."

In a similar incident, on March 3, 2012, Bill Lesinski of Chicago also had his nose ripped off by a neighbor’s pit bull.  Read more… http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/chicagos-bill-lesinski-forgives-pitt-bull-ripped-nose


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