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Video Shows Parents Abusing Murdered Child

Video Shows Parents Abusing Murdered Child Promo Image

Authorities uncovered video evidence of a murdered 3-year-old boy from Kansas being mistreated by his parents.

On Sept. 2, Evan Brewer's body was found encased in concrete in the laundry room of a rental home, reports The Wichita Eagle.

Three months later, police arrested his mother, 36-year-old Miranda Miller, and her boyfriend, 40-year-old Stephen Bodine for murder and child abuse, reports The Kansas City Star.

"Bodine acknowledged that he was the one who put the kid in the concrete in the laundry room," the affidavit says.

"Bodine said the boy went to sleep and didn’t wake up," it adds.

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It is believed Miller asked her boyfriend to dispose of the boy's body. On May 26, Miller bought concrete, threaded rod and a concrete trowel at a hardware store.

An inmate told a detective that Bodine said Miller called him after Evan died "to help her get the body out of the house."

"Bodine told [the inmate] that Miranda slept all day and the kid had no adult supervision," the affidavit added. "Bodine told [the inmate] that he got rid of all the evidence and disposed of it for her."

Bodine also reportedly told the inmate he was using methamphetamine that day when he tried to discipline the child, adding "that he loved the kid."

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Since then, police have found photos and videos featuring a nude Evan wearing a belt that has a metal buckle around his neck. His hands are bound behind his back in the images, and he is surrounded by concrete walls.

"There appears to be a shadow of a bald headed figure," notes the police affidavit describing the images.

The video appears to have been taken at the rental home where Evan lived with his mother and the balding Bodine.

Similar images appear in the email of "" with Miller listed as the subscriber.

In another video, Miller is reportedly "violently spanking Evan for moving while in bed," while one clip shows a child "standing on a piece of cardboard on top of wooden pallets on a concrete floor."

Bodine's mother told an investigator her son disliked children and had "anger issues since he was young."

His mother says he had previously tried to drown one of his daughters when she was 2, and allegedly let others molest his children in exchange for drugs.

Another witness said the couple sold meth and added they "believed Evan was a hindrance and obstacle to Bodine and Miller’s lifestyle."

Sources: The Wichita Eagle, The Kansas City Star / Featured Image: Decorative Concrete Kingdom/Flickr / Embedded Images: The Wichita Eagle, Decorative Concrete Kingdom/Flickr

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