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Disturbing Photo Shows Dead Dog Being Dragged Behind Car (Photo)

A disturbing photo has surfaced online of a dog being dragged along a road with its leg tied to the back of a car.

The picture was taken in Guyanas, western Ecuador, the Daily Mirror reported. It shows an Alsatian cross-breed dog dead, with its head and body scraping along the road.

The dog’s right leg appears to be tied to the vehicle’s rear spoiler. The vehicle was traveling at 40 miles per hour as the dog’s lifeless body tumbled through the road.

The photo was posted on social media and quickly got the attention of animal lovers, who expressed their disdain with whomever was driving the vehicle.

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“Please, share. This wretch must pay for their evil deed, and the world should know all there is about who he is and what he does,” Beatriz Alban wrote.

Ecuador television host and animal rights activist Blanca Salame republished the photo on her Instagram profile with a caption that read: “Owner of this truck that dragged the dog must be caught and punished.We are tired of this abuse.”

It is unclear if the dog died before or after it was tied to the vehicle. The photo was reported to police and a full investigation is being carried out, Inquistr reported.

“We are aware of the photo and incident and are investigating the car owner, who has not yet been identified,” a police representative said.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Inquistr / Photo Credit: Daily Mirror

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